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So it appears the Canton-Galva Unified School District 419 superintendent, Bill Seidl, is ready to leave the Eagles’ nest and fly on to bigger and better things.

He applied for the Halstead-Bentley U.S.D. 440 superintendent job. You can read the story The Harvey County Independent wrote for yourself.

The article said, “Seidl said he is ready for a change. He said he came a long way with Canton-Galva but had reached a plateau and was attracted to Halstead-Bentley because it was a larger district and after looking at the community was interested in the position. Seidl said after spending the day with administration he was impressed by their enthusiasm. He said he thinks he could bring some things to the table to help them reach their goals.”

So he thinks Canton-Galva isn’t doing enough to grow and prosper, which is pretty cool of the superintendent to say of the place that he has been employed at to lead for nearly 10 years.

I understand wanting to advance in your career, but now isn’t the time to jump the school district ship. Unless he’s hearing footsteps and not telling everyone else that would be affected, Seidl should wait until the district is on surer footing before moving on. The timing of this is just off, and it smells funny.

If he wants to go, I think the people of U.S.D. 419 should let him go. Good riddance. Canton-Galva needs a superintendent that believes in the school and will work to make it succeed, especially in light of the talk of school consolidation that could find Canton-Galva on the chopping block.

As a Canton-Galva graduate a person with family still attending and working in the district, it makes me mad that the superintendent doesn’t have more faith in U.S.D. 419. It is a great school and a great place to grow up. The way I see it, if someone doesn’t want to be there, then they should just get out. Make room for someone who cares. Don’t continue to suck a substantial salary from the district’s budget if you don’t like it there.

Of course, Seidl’s not leaving just yet. He didn’t get the job. A gent by the name of Cory Gibson got the job.

Hopefully Canton-Galva gets this issue resolved soon so it can continue to thrive.

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