Christmas presents given to basketball players

On Tuesday, Western Plains High School girls’ basketball head coach Travis Schafer, assistant Debbie Hagans, boys’ basketball head coach Jerod Horchem and myself gave the players a special gift for Christmas.

We gave them pictures of themselves warming up before a game. Stripped across the bottom of each picture was the player’s name and number. We put these in nice frames.

The players responded well to this gift. They acted like they liked the keepsake pictures we gave them.

As for us coaches, we thought it was a neat gift. It is something different that they will always be able to keep, and it makes them look like all-stars.

And the first step in becoming an all-star is believing in yourself that you are an all-star. That’s what we are trying to accomplish in nearly everything we do. We want these kids to believe in themselves because with just a little confidence this amazing group of student-athletes could do amazing things. All they have to do is just have a little faith in themselves.

Hopefully gifts like this and other things the coaching staffs continue to do will help make that a reality.

To see pictures that each player received, check out the pictures in the photo album below. I shot the pictures at the Dec. 18 game versus Kinsley High School in Kinsley, Kan.

WPHS Bobcats Warm-Up Shots Used For Christmas Presents
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