School Start Elicits Reminiscing

School has started in Moundridge and Inman, and it makes me nostalgic for my days of school.

I realize I haven’t been out of school for very long, but it has been a while since I was faced with the first day of non-university education.

I remember growing up when on the first day of school brother Troy and I would be dressed in our new clothes and shoes with new backpacks loaded down with school supplies strapped to our back.

Mother Karen would have a stand next to each other so she could snap a picture for the archives, and then Troy and I would run out of the house to catch the school bus driven by Leroy Klatt.

Sure, it took some time getting used to going to bed earlier so we could get up early enough to catch the bus, but I miss those days.

They were simpler times.

Our biggest worries were what was for lunch, if we were going to have to run in physical education class and if the monkey bars were going to be really busy during recess.

In college that wasn’t the case. Granted, it was often a worry if I had enough money to eat anything at all for lunch, but I was also mired in the stress of paying thousands of dollars for classes I didn’t particularly want to take but had to pass to get my degree.

Even now the lunch issue is a dicey one some days, and just like when I was a youngster, I still try to find time for a nap. However, I still long for the days of the not-so-distant past.

Also, the new clothes and shoes would be cool. I haven’t had new shoes for several years, partially because I’m perpetually broke trying to pay rent, gas for my car and my college loan payments. At the same time, though, new shoes just aren’t a priority any more. I do wish my sneakers didn’t have holes in the soles and sides, but they are still in one piece for the most part, so they work.

I miss coming home from school on the bus and running inside to tell mom what happened at school, which at the time always seemed serious even though in retrospect it was all pretty mundane.

Snacks were always plentiful while Troy and I waited for father Steve to get home from work to tell him the same stories mom had just heard.

Some of that still happens now. I often time my visits to the parents’ house around supper time so I can share my day’s events and maybe even take care of the aforementioned lunch issues by filling my belly with some good food from the stove, grill or fridge.

At the time, I probably didn’t realize how good I had it, but looking back, I clearly see how great the times were while working toward my high school diploma.

At lot of students probably don’t realize the good times they are currently in right now either. Much like I did, they can probably only focus on graduating and moving on.

I too thought I would leave the area, but I’m still here and love it.

So to all you students stepping foot in the hallowed halls of the Inman and Moundridge School Districts, take a moment to enjoy it.

Someday you’ll look back on it and miss it.

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