Jackson’s Death Doesn’t Matter To Me

The “king of pop” Michael Jackson died.

So what?

I feel bad for his family and friends because it is never easy to deal with the death of a loved one, but why should I and the rest of the country be sad over this?

The answer is easy – we shouldn’t be.

Sure, he had hit after hit and was a cultural icon, but he wasn’t my friend. I don’t know him, so I refuse to be sad over his death.

I find it incredibly annoying when people get all crazy over the death of a celebrity.

Just because you went and saw him in concert 12 times doesn’t mean you two are now friends and that he remembers you and is going to invite you over for Christmas dinner.

He hasn’t even put out a song in nearly a decade. He was a star of the 1980s, which is great because that is one of my favorite periods of music, but his relevance now is limited to the influence he has had on current artists.

The only way he has been in the spot light is with his bizarre behavior and his prolific reputation as a child predator.

Want to argue if he has done inappropriate things with little boys? Go for it. I will just point you toward the “60 Minutes” interview he had with Ed Bradley on Dec. 28, 2003.

According to the transcripts, Bradley has him, “As — as we sit here today, do you still think that it’s acceptable to share your bed with children?”

Jackson responded by basically admitting he is guilty of perversions not worth describing.

“Of course. Of course. Why not? If you’re gonna be a pedophile, if you’re gonna be Jack the Ripper, if you’re gonna be a murderer, it’s not a good idea. That I’m not. That’s how we were raised. And I met — I didn’t sleep in the bed with the child. Even if I did, it’s okay. I slept on the floor. I give the bed to the child . . . Well, what’s wrong with sharing your bed? I didn’t say I slept in the bed. Even if I did sleep in the bed, it’s okay. I am not going to do anything sexual to a child. It’s not where my heart is. I would never do anything like that. That’s not Michael Jackson. I’m sorry. That’s someone else,” he said.

See, his answer sounds OK, unless you pay close attention to the fact that he first says he never slept in the bed with the child but then backpedaled a bit to say it would be OK if he did, though.

Here is a mash-up of the interview highlighting the most outrageous comments:

“Thriller” was a great song that is fun to dance to. “Billie Jean” gets played at nearly every dance I dj. My favorite song produced by him is “I’ll Be There” when he was with The Jackson Five.

Even so, he has a sordid past, and I don’t see why he should be held up on a pedestal about his music while ignoring what he has done since the 80s.

I feel that losing the likes of Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett is a greater loss than Jackson.

McMahon was part of the best late-night show ever produced, and Fawcett was a sex icon known world-wide for being an “angel.”

As speculation swirls about the true cause of Jackson’s death, I hope for the sake of the family that it wasn’t caused by foul play.

I would never wish death upon someone, but I refuse to idolize him due to the disgusting liberties he probably took with children.

All the good deeds done in the world can’t make up for child molestation accusations.

By the way, if you want a laugh, read this article about how people haven’t been spelling “Michael” correctly online following Jackson’s death.

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