Project Members Head Home

GREENSBURG, Kan. – It is just after 3 p.m., and only a handful of the project members remain.

Week One of the Greensburg Rebirth Project is coming to a close.

Everyone has packed up and headed back to the big city for the weekend, and the rest of us are finishing up a few last-minute items before we too take off.

I would like to say everyone would have stayed longer had it not been for the fact that we have to be out of here soon due to a wedding taking place Saturday, but in all actuality, people probably would have left this early anyway.

It has been an intense week of constantly being on our toes, and sleep deprivation is definitely sinking in.

Through it all, though, several good things have been happening.

The group members have gotten to hear from KAKE’s Larry Hatteberg and former Wichita State University instructor David Kamerer both speak about doing various multimedia journalism.

This has translated into several pieces for the project being completed or well on their way to fruition, along with the normal print pieces being produced.

Check out the site and see what is coming along.

Also, don’t forget to peruse the blogs. Several project members are actively reporting about their experiences here in Greensburg.

Some of the posts are great and even poetic. Be sure to give them a look.

Over this weekend everyone will be working on individual projects in hopes of having them ready to go by Monday, at which time several new stories will be tackled.

With a vacuum wailing in the background, I realize I need to get of the church and onto the road.

I wish I could give you a more complete wrap-up of the first week right now, but clearly I’m on borrowed time.

I will try to post a recap of the week tomorrow between shooting a special Moundridge event for The Ledger. (Yes. I am supposed to be on vacation, but this event is too big for the editor to miss. I will get a day to compensate, which means I will be able to be here in Greensburg next week through Wednesday.)

With that recap, I will hopefully post a few photos that haven’t been put on here yet.

I will be back in Greensburg Sunday afternoon with the intentions to produce a few audio and print pieces. My Twittering will also continue.

For all you Web nerds out there, look at how the homepage acts at Much like the blogging functionality, it is a new feature Cort Anderson and his company are pretty stoked about.

But before I go, I must share one valuable piece of information I learned early this morning while having coffee with the locals in the in Haviland Hardware Store.

If you are traveling through the area, apparently the Haviland Car Wash doubles as a bathroom because both men and women alike have been seen using the facility.

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