Gel Isn’t The Only Way To Style Hair

Friday night after the Moundridge High School homecoming festivities, a few people came over to my house for a little catching up.

Those in attendance chiefly included Casey Haines with son Teegan and DaWayne and Britney Stos.

DaWayne enjoys teaching Teegan various things and picking on him so Teegan can turn around and do the same to Casey.

One such act is licking.

DaWayne licks Teegan. Teegan licks Casey. Everyone laughs.

DaWayne also chose to style Teegan’s hair with saliva.

Have you ever seen a spit mohawk?

Me neither, until Friday.


It was hilarious, and lucky for Casey he doesn’t have enough hair for Teegan to replicate the act.

More importantly, though, Casey realizes it doesn’t matter what DaWayne does because revenge is sweet.

DaWayne and Britney are going to have a child soon, and Casey has said he is already making plans to get DaWayne back.

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