Printer Problems Remedied

Last week I had a problem.

My printer wouldn’t print, which isn’t good since I am a guy that likes to print things off.

I print a lot, and it serves as my organization method.

If I have printed it and it is still in my pile, I know to it still needs to be dealt with. If it’s not in the pile, it is finished and no longer exists to me.

Without a printer, I struggled keeping track of what I still needed to do.

I finally got so frustrated and I began taking the machine apart because I got tired of my computer telling me the printer wasn’t responding.

As I tore into the printer, I find a wire that was loose.

It looked important, so I plugged it back in.


As of late Friday afternoon, I can print again.

Having my printing abilities back is an incredible weight off my shoulders.

I felt lost without printing off my to-do list.

I’m lucky it works again, but so is the printer.

I almost went “Office Space” on the machine and beat it to a pulp with a baseball bat and my bare fists.

If you haven’t seen “Office Space” and don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest renting it. You’ll understand once you see it.

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