Super Bowl Means Super Commercials

I’m a sports fan. I like to watch simply for the competition.

This year, the Super Bowl won’t be any different.

I will watch with excitement, though I honestly don’t care who wins.

I don’t have a favorite team in the NFL.

My dad and brother do, and so they will be cheering loudly for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since I can’t allow them both to be unopposed, I will cheer for the Arizona Cardinals.

But like I said, I don’t care who wins, and my gut tells me the Steelers will be the champs.

Either way fine because I will to watch some great football.

For me, though, the Super Bowl commercials are almost better than the game.

The creativity poured out into those 30-second spots is incredible, especially when you factor in the price, which this year reportedly costs $3 million per half-minute slot.

Due to the economy, some advertisers probably won’t have a Super Bowl commercial, but, according to reports, Super Bowl staple Anheuser-Busch has purchased nine spots.

They almost always have the best commercials, and the beverages they produce are the best around, at least until the Belgians take over. After that, all bets are off. usually gets a commercial banned from the Super Bowl, but they can generally be found online.

The halftime show might be OK, but anymore if there isn’t going to be a wardrobe malfunction, who cares what takes place on the field while the players are in the locker room?

No, next to the football, the commercials are the reason to watch.

Factor in the chance to scream at the television with all your friends while cramming chips and dip down your gullet and Super Bowl Sunday has the makings of a national holiday.

I bet it would be if it didn’t take place on a Sunday. I promise football fans across the country would suddenly have the flu if the Super Bowl took place on a Wednesday.

This year should be fun. I don’t have to work like I did last year, which will make it easier to enjoy some Anheuser-Busch products while I watch the game.

Also, I think I’m going to try and make some cheese dip. I realize it basically involves melting cheese and putting things in it, but I will be breaking new ground.

If it goes badly though, maybe I can find something at the store I can put in my own container to give the illusion that I made it.

You always have to have a back-up plan, right?

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