Detroit Free Press Takes A Stand

The front page of today’s Detroit Free Press carries a strong message, and that message is for the United States government to help the three major automobile producers and not let them be killed by the current economic crisis by urging Congress to “Invest In America.”

This message was done via a full-page, front-page editorial that was sent “to every member of Congress,” according to the editorial.

Much like the small weekly newspaper I work for (The Ledger), The Detroit Free Press is a part of its community.

By doing this front page, it is take an editorial stand in favor of the continuing support and prosperity of its community.

It sends a huge message.

It is basically an opinion page editorial on steroids.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it is the local media’s responsibility to decide when it is time to use its power and influence to make a statement for or against something.

I think this is a very powerful way to address the situation, especially since they make no qualms about the fact it is an editorial.

I like it.

To me, it is just like an editorial voicing concern or praise over a city council decision . . . but on a much larger scale.

The DFP is engaging in civic journalism, which as I remember from Alan Montgomery’s journalism classes at Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College was started by a Kansas editor named Davis “Buzz” Merritt.

This is what community journalism is about – being a voice of the people.

I say bravo, Detroit Free Press. Bravo.


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