Younger Brother Starts School

My brother, Troy, graduated from Canton-Galva High School this past May.

Today, he begins school again.

He will be studying at a vocational school in Salina.

In a year, he will graduate and be a welder.

That means he will be making more money than this bachelor’s degree clad journalist after one year.
Some people might be jealous or resentful.

Not me, though.

I see it as a good thing.

When he gets a job doing underwater welding in the Gulf of Mexico, he will need someone to watch over his house.

I will graciously move there and live off of his income as I ensure his house keeps that “lived in” feel.

It will be tough job, but I think I am up to the task.

In talking with him, though, I know he is excited to be starting school.

With the help of the family, he moved to Salina on Sunday.

He is living with some other Canton-Galva graduates who are attending school there.

I hope he has a good time and strives to become the best welder in the area.

I’m sure he’ll do fine, but I was a bit worried about him staying up there for the first night.

I offered to provide a picture of myself to keep him company.

He said no.

So I offered to stay with him for the first night, but when he realized that would mean he’d be sleeping on the floor while I slept in his bed, he declined that offer as well.

If he gets lonely, I guess he can just call me.

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