Learning the importance of ‘L’ in the Web world

I have learned a very important lesson over the course of the past couple of days.

Seemingly unimportant letters can have incredible impact on a person’s everyday life.

Take for example the letter “L.” It is a fairly innocuous letter. It serves its purpose as it helps complete words, but it does little on its own. However, it made my life hell all by its lonesome.

In designing a new Web site, I coded the majority of the site using the .html extension; however, while creating the navigation tools, I made the links using the .htm extension.

As a result, my navigation could not find my newly created web pages.

See, “L” is incredibly important.

This omission of “L” caused me to lose an entire day of work. I had a lot to redo because of it.

I do have a suspicion, though, that there might have been an easier method of fixing this problem, but working with what knowledge I have about web design and construction, I had to do the way I did it.

That’s part of the learning process, though. I want to be a Web person in the journalism world, so I have to simply try things and make them work and learn from my mistakes because I have yet to find a class to teach me any pertinent Web information.

I have had to teach myself everything, and I like it better that way because I learn better by doing.

In any event, the new Web site is up and running . . . slowly.

Everything is online and I seem to have the bugs worked out, but it needs updated content.

So what is this new site?

It is called Shocker Station, and it is the latest product of The Sunflower News, which is the student newspaper of Wichita State.

Shocker Station is a sports-themed site that will have all the latest and most in-depth coverage of all that is Shocker athletics. It is aimed to be the last stop for Shocker fans.

For now it is an exclusively online publication, but next spring it will be joined by a like-geared magazine-style publication that will appear every Thursday as a precursor to the weekend’s sporting events.

I am glad to finally have it online, and I know it will only get better as I finish it more completely.

Until I put the finishing touches on it, though, I will be minding my “P’s and Q’s” as well as paying special attention to “L” because I can’t afford another foul up like that, even if it was very educational.

By the way, for anyone who is interested, my second piece in the “Anon Inquiries” series that ran last week will be coming soon here at http://voiceofthevogts.wordpress.com.

My biggest hurdles right now are finding time amidst finals week and deciding which angle to pursue first because I have a lot of different people asking me different questions and research has turned up interesting points I would like to discuss.

Of course, I might get distracted slightly by the morons on the roadways who don’t quite seem to grasp how to properly drive when there is a little ice on the streets and highways.

Such a topic might call for a scathing commentary about the silliness of drivers.

Oh, so many topics, so little time.

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