Sterling becoming new home

This is the front of my new house in Sterling, Kan.

I’m slowly settling in here at Sterling, Kansas.

As you know, I took a job at the local high school, and that has been going well. If you want to read more about that, check out I try to post there often about my teacher life instead of here in an attempt to keep the content of the blogs separate.

Outside of work, I am doing well. I have purchased a house, and I love it.

Here is a link to a full gallery of my new home:

It is a three bedroom, one bath house. As you can see from the pictures, the living room is a good size, and the one-car garage is attached (it’s already insulated too).

There are several things I want to do to make it even better, but that will all take time and money. And really, the important part is the money. I want to repaint the outside and several of the rooms inside. I want to remove the carpet and take the entire house back down to the hardwood. I want to update the flooring the kitchen and bathroom. I would like a front porch and a back deck. A privacy fence is also on the list.

Again. It will take money, and I won’t have that right away. It will take time.

Besides it actually being mine and me not throwing money away at rent, one of my favorite features is I have an office. I can finally write and work in a space dedicated for those endeavors. I feel like such a grown up!

My parents have been a lot of help getting the house up and running, as have my friends. And I know they will continue to be of assistance as I get to work on my list of projects, all of which I will chronicle on this blog as I complete them.

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes I have received concerning this new chapter in my life. It is much appreciated.

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