Are hotels really environmentally conscience?

In hotel rooms throughout the country, signs such as this one are very common.

The sign asks those staying in the room to help the hotel save the environment by not getting fresh towels every day.

Here’s what the signs say:

“Help us conserve our natural resources!

Do you need fresh towels?

If you would like your towels replaced, please leave your used towels on the floor.

Towels left hanging on the towel rack tell us that you wish to reuse them.

Using towels more than once saves hundreds of pounds of detergent and thousands of pounds of detergent and thousands of gallons of water each year.

We are committed to dong our share to protect the environment.

Thank you for helping us conserve water and save the environment!”

So do you buy this whole spiel?

I don’t. I think the hotel is just trying to protect its bottom line, not the environment.

If they can save “hundreds of pounds of detergent and thousands of gallons of water” by not washing towels every day, then it stands to reason they can also save thousands of dollars each year too.

I hate it when companies hide corporate greed behind the thin veil of environmentalism. It’s unsavory.

This is just an example of corporations taking advantage of people’s urge to take care of our environment. It’s wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated.

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