Front Page Friday: Texarkana Gazette

It is that time of the week again. It is time to look at my favorite newspaper front page of the week.

As always, I culled through the front pages shown at and picked my favorite.

So here it is:

Texarkana Gazette

This is the front page from the Texarkana Gazette for April 2, 2010, which is Good Friday (via

Today is Good Friday, so when I saw this front page of the Texarkana Gazette, I knew it was my pick for today’s Front Page Friday. I mean, I love the main art piece. It is a very artistic photo of a cross with black cloth and a crown of thorns draped over it.  It is very symbolic of the holiday season we are currently in, and I think the photo is very cool.

I also like the small labels above each story. For a paper that covers multiple states, those labels help give ownership to all the states involved and give the reader a quick and easy way to find out what the story is about.

The multicolored hand in the Census reminder is cool, and the photo with the story on the bottom, though not overly compelling, is place so the subjects of the photo aren’t looking off the page, which is always a plus.

Other than the photo of the cross, though, one thing that jumps out at me is the teaser about the Hoffa mystery and Giants Stadium. The teaser seems to come out of no where, but it makes me want to read the story.

Overall, I like this front page. It is definitely carried by the cross photo, though. I just can’t stop looking at that image.

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