UPDATE: Meier supports Mangino

Kerry Meier (www.collegefootballnews.com)
University of Kansas football head coach Mark Mangino is under scrutiny for allegedly poking one of his players, Artist Wright, in the chest, which is apparently too much physicality for the guy to take. Read about it here.

KUSports.com has been covering the situation from the beginning.

It was previously reported by The Kansas City Star that Mangino felt the Jayhawks’ current losing-streak is probably to blame for such an accusation to surface. Going against his coach, KU quarterback Todd Reesing said that wasn’t the case.

“I don’t think this has anything to do with the recent performance or the number of games we’ve won,” Reesing said in the article.

Now KUSports.com has a video of KU wide receiver Kerry Meier backing Mangino.

Watch the video here: http://www2.kusports.com/videos/2009/nov/18/27633/

In the video, Meier said he thinks the Jayhawks’ 1-5 Big 12 record does make the timing seem interesting and that he doubts bringing if a new coach is brought in the replacement would be hard-pressed to due what Mangino did, which is bring the KU program out of the cellar.

KUSports.com also has videos of Mangino talking about his coaching intensity and on people giving up on him. There is also a video of KU running back Jake Sharp declining to comment on the situation.

To keep up with this on-going situation, I urge you to keep checking KUSports.com. I will post updates when I can, but again, I think this is whole situation is totally ridiculous.

Our society is becoming a bunch of sissies. A poke in the chest isn’t a big deal. Even when I played football in middle school I remember my coaches grabbing me by the face mask to chew me out for whatever mistake I made. They were also fond of hitting us players on the helmet with their whistles, which really made our ears ring.

When this happened, did we go crying to someone that our coaches were too mean? No.

Wright needs to grow up and be a man like the rest of his teammates are showing themselves to be, even though I worried in the initial post that being a pansy was a team-wide affliction.

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