BlackBerry Pearl, our relationship needs to improve or it won’t last

Dear BlackBerry Pearl,

You and I have had a lot of good times. Remember that crazy video we shot together at the bar? Or remember that girl’s phone number we got? Damn she was hot!

BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (via

Even so, I’m worried about our future together. You’re just not coming through for me like you used to.

You are a wonderful Research In Motion product, but you keep deleting messages and other information for no reason. I’m trying to carry on conversations with other people, and the next thing I know all remnants of the discussion are missing from my BlackBerry Messenger queue.

Also, you aren’t letting phone calls come through. Instead, any incoming call instantly becomes a missed call, and you won’t even tell me who called. Instead, you just tell me it was an “unknown caller.”

Why are you doing this to me? Is it because I often refer to you as a girl phone? If so, why should that bother you? You’re name is Pearl. What guys do you know that are named Pearl. You have to be a female. Don’t take it so personally.

Or are you mad about the aforementioned girl that I got the phone number from? Don’t let that bother you. It was nothing. I wasn’t going to leave you for her type of phone. It wouldn’t have worked. All it could do was send text messages and make phone calls. I need more than that. Like what you offer.

I mean, I thought we had a good thing going. It was you who got me addicted to the services BlackBerry devices provide. I love having a CrackBerry. I love having Facebook always available, Twitter constantly streaming, the Internet just a click away, all the text and video messaging I can handle at my fingertips and the ability to call people and have a real conversation.

Yet, I don’t know how much longer I can deal with you not treating me right. I need a phone that is going to be there for me.

I have options, you know.

Google has never led me astray, and now they are offering an operating system called Android. It looks pretty sweet running on the new Motorola Droid phone.

Wireless carrier Verizon is offering the phone, which makes it all the easier to jump off the BlackBerry bandwagon and join the Droid revolution.

See, I used to be an Alltel customer, but Verizon gobbled them up. The transition would be nearly seamless.

The thought has crossed my mind, though, that the switch between carriers has been the cause for the frustrating issues I’m having with you, Pearl, but I’m just not sure how a different signal provider can be messing with the data stored on my device.

See why I’m putting the blame on you?

Maybe the issue isn’t with the BlackBerry OS you run on. Maybe it is just you, Pearl.

Perhaps I need a more masculine phone. Sure, the Droid looks like it would fit the bill, but I must admit I like what BlackBerry has to offer.

Maybe I need to switch to the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Tour.

What do you think of that, Pearl?

Those three phones wouldn’t be like you. They wouldn’t be so sensitive and finicky. They would be like a good drinking buddy who always has your back in a bar fight. You could never come close to doing that for me, Pearl.

I’m not saying we are through yet, Pearl. I won’t end our relationship right away. I will give you until February when I’m eligible for an upgrade.

I just wanted to let you know where I stood in hopes that changes can be made that will keep us together.

Yours truly,

Todd Vogts

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