Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize?

Early Friday morning, U.S. President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Strange, right? But it is true. No joking.

The award was announced in Oslo that day.

He reportedly won because of his efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Obama already made history by being the first black man elected president, and now, at the tender age of 48, he is a Nobel laureate after less than a year in office. He is only the third sitting president to win the prize.

I say congratulations and bravo, considering Obama said he would donate the nearly $1.4 million in prize money to charity, but I fear the win may be a bit tarnished.

After all, the Nobel Committee, according to an Associated Press report, said they gave the prize to Obama because “Helping Obama achieve ambitious peacemaking goals was their goal in awarding the prize.”

Is that really a win?

Has Obama done anything to earn the prize?

No. Nothing has been accomplished yet. He has talked a lot about what he wants to do, but very little action has taken place.

So does this mean in order to win a Nobel Prize one just has to have goals of doing something great? If so, I can pick my prize up at the Nobel Committee’s convenience.

How good does it feel to win something because the prize granters just wanted to be cheerleaders for you?

He might as well have won the award because he opened the Cracker Jack box with the prize inside, right next to the secret decoder ring he’s been wanting since he was 8 years old.

At least that way he would have had to at least put in the effort of opening the box. In this case, he just had to have hopes and dreams just like anyone else in the world.

That means he is really distinguished, doesn’t it?

People around the country were left scratching the noggins after hearing the news.

Even Obama himself made the comment that he doesn’t know why he won.

The Wealth of Nations blog at Newsweek.com, shared a very interesting comment:

Lech Walesa, the 1983 Peace Prize winner and Poland’s president from 1990 to 1995, who told reporters in Warsaw: “Who, Obama? So fast? Too fast—he hasn’t had the time to do anything yet.”

As I’ve said before, I voted for Obama because he showed promise, which is basically what the Nobel Committee did.

But there is a huge difference here. In a democratic election, all you can do is vote based upon what is said. In a Nobel Prize selection, there are facts to utilize. Why wouldn’t the Nobel Committee look at the facts?

And here’s the fact: Obama has done nothing but talk.

If he is trying to show the world he can talk the talk with the best of them, he wins hands down, but he needs to start walking the walk.

You know, Mohammad Ali also ran his mouth a lot, but he backed it all up in the ring, which is why he is one of the best boxers ever to play the sport.

Before Obama should be receiving honors that paint him as such a great president, he should probably do something first.

If I didn’t know any better, I would swear up and down our country was in a lame-duck period, but Obama is new to the office. He should be getting things done.

Plain and simple, the Nobel Committee made a mistake.

Obama doesn’t deserve this award.

Maybe he will in the future, but not yet.

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  1. Well, at least you’re honest. No, he doesn’t deserve it. But what does that matter? There isn’t an organization in the world not bending over backwards to give this man praise, attention and prizes. Perhaps his whole presidency will be a lameduck adventure, since clearly he doesnt need to do anything in order to win – just like he did in the election. Apparently talk is the new walk.

  2. You are right on. I thought it was a joke when I read that on MSN…either that or I’m paying less attention to the news than I thought I was. But no joke. Maybe he’ll earn it eventually…just hasn’t earned it yet.

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