Lion’s Club Donates To Skate Park Initiative

MOUNDRIDGE – Following the recent fundraiser garage sale, the goal of brining a skate park to Moundridge is getting closer and closer.

Local community members have shown support, the Moundridge City Council has voiced approval and now other civic organizations are getting behind the effort as well.

During Thursday’s Moundridge Lion’s Club meeting, the youth spearheading the skate park project, who recently announced they are planning on forming a charitable non-profit organization called SK8 4 A Cauz, explained the goal of the skate park push to the Lion’s Club members.

Lion’s Club President DeWayne Willis said the youth have a solid plan and showed off drawings for the proposed skate park.

“It went really well,” he said. “I think they’ve got a good plan. It’s well thought out.”
Willis said they were told other cities usually need $10,000 or more to build a skate park, but Don Foth, whose 13-year-old son Javin is one of the youth part of the SK8 4 A Cauz group, said he could get it built for around $2,000 because Bradbury Co., Inc., has donated most of the metal needed to construct the park.

“They want to try to have this park up by late fall of this year,” Willis said.

To show support for the project, the Lion’s Club voted to donate $200 toward the cause, Willis said.

“We’re always glad to help on projects like this that serve the community and people,” he said.

Willis said the youth presented their case well.

“They were pretty shy, but they warmed up and were pretty anxious to get a skate park,” he said. “I think they’re really excited.”

Willis said such feelings are contagious.

“I’m excited to see young kids and their parents involved in the community like this,” he said. “They’re willing to do something for others instead of just themselves. You don’t see that often anymore.”

The Lion’s Club is also expressed interest in helping the group further by planning a future fundraiser, which the youth agreed to help with, Willis said.

Willis said the youth have made several impressive efforts to prove the skate park would be a valuable addition to Moundridge.

“One of the neat things I thought they did was they sent a letter through the schools to see who would be interested in the park,” he said.

Willis said 57 students said a skate park would be something they would like to have and utilize in Moundridge.

“I thought that was a pretty good response,” he said.

During the meeting the youth also talked about the Tony Hawk Foundation grant they are going to be applying for, Willis said. They also told the Lion’s Club members about the tricks they can do on their skateboards.

Willis said the Lion’s Club members also brainstormed other ways to get the park started for less money, most of which is tied up in pouring the concrete slab to put the park on.
Willis said one Lion’s Club member suggested using a portion of the existing tennis courts because the size of the slab needed for the park is about half of one court. There are four tennis courts in place now.

“They could start production today,” Willis said. “It is already lighted and fenced, but it was just brought up during discussion.”

Willis said the Lion’s Club was so willing to support the park because the youth involved have made it clear they are going to continue to give back to the community.

“They are already paying it forward,” he said. “The kids are thinking about this stuff.”

When the youth were presented with the Lion’s Club donation, Willis said they were grateful.

“They were very appreciative,” he said.

The Lion’s Club meets every first and third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Willis said as president of the organization, he is trying to revitalize it so it can continue to support Moundridge, such as donating to the skate park and providing eye glasses to those who need them.

“We’re currently looking for new members,” he said.

People can help serve the community more effectively by being a part of the Lion’s Club, Willis said.

The Lion’s Club has been a philanthropic organization for 70 years.

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  1. Hoodlums and vandalizers! You allow that skate park to be built and next thing you know there will be gangs and crime!
    Just kidding. As a former freestyle bike rider myself (and current supposed upstanding member of my community), I wish our county could get a skate park built.
    Good luck to everyone pursuing the effort.

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