Kudos Should Be Given To Moundridge

Well, Moundridge. You did it.

You turned out in force to help the Moundridge Chamber of Commerce climb out of the budget hole they were stuck in.

With that burden off its back, the organization can focus on continuing to be fiscally responsible and helping Moundridge however needed.

Also, you did your part in helping the youth of Moundridge by patronizing the skate park garage sale.

Much like the chamber fundraiser, the garage sale is reporting a good turnout, which is fantastic.

Even in the down economy Moundridge residents realize the importance of continuing to move forward and progress, and that makes me proud to like and work in this town.

I just urge you to continue your support of these two ventures and all the others in town.

A lot of good can be achieved with the support of a community, so I hope it continues well into the future and Moundridge continues to be the wonderful community it is.

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