Poker Night Goes Well

Jeremy, Troy, Travis, Randy & DaWayne playing poker. on Twitpic

Tuesday night Travis Schafer, of Goessel, decided he wanted to have some fun before he moved to western Kansas to be a teacher in Ransom, so he invited a few of us guys over for a Texas Holdem poker night.

Going into it, I figured I should just give my money to someone. It would have been easier and less embarrassing since I knew I wasn’t going to win.

I was right.

In attendance were Randy Schafer, Jeremy Heim, both of Goessel, my brother Troy, of Canton, and DaWayne Stos, of Newton.

We played two games, each with a paltry $5 buy-in.

Prior to this, I hadn’t played cards very often, especially for money. My experience with the task was limited to playing Black Jack at a casino in Oklahoma.

I was at a distinct disadvantage.

During the first game, everyone lived dangerously, making large bets and attempting to bluff the other players.

Randy and Troy were just learning the ropes, and yet they both lasted longer than I did.

I was the first person out.

Troy, Randy and Travis followed suit, leaving DaWayne and Jeremy to battle it out.

Jeremy ended up winning. DaWayne got his money back and the rest went to Jeremy.

In the second match, though, everyone played a little more conservatively.

Travis went out first, but he quickly bought back in and continued to play.

Jeremy and I then went out on the same hand, leaving the other four to duke it out.

DaWayne went out soon as he is kind of an old man and had to go home and go to bed so he could go to work early this morning.

Then Troy lost leaving a brother’s duel.

Randy took a commanding lead, and Travis got angry, throwing his chips and his phone off the table.

Once the dust settled, though, Travis won by going all in.

It was a fun night, even though I hate losing.

Luckily we are all friends, so it didn’t bother any of us too much to loss the small amount of money we lost.

I do have a hard time excepting the fact that my little brother beat me both times, especially since he didn’t seem to know what he was doing most of the time.

Maybe that was just an act.

It was nice, though, to do something special with Travis on one of his last nights in the area.

I wish him luck in Ransom. I’m sure he is going to be a great teacher.

And although he is going to be living a few hours away, I know we will still get to hang out quite a bit.

He will come home often, and I will make it a point to go visit him on a regular basis.

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