Inman Receives E-Community Grant Monies

INMAN – In February 2009, Inman School District Superintendent Kevin Case came to the Inman Chamber of Commerce with a unique opportunity for the local business community – to receive up to $150,000 in tax credits that would allow the city to raise more than $160,000 to match loans and grants for businesses wishing to start-up or expand in Inman.

The grant program, referred to as the E-Community Grant for its entrepreneurship development in communities focus, is available through NetWork Kansas (a href=””>, and after months of grant writing and work on the project, Inman receive word Monday morning that it was chosen to be part of the program.

Chamber of Commerce President Bob Ratzlaff could not be reached on Monday for comment.

Previously, though, he showed enthusiasm about the possibilities.

“It’s kind of an exciting deal with what we have available to us here,” he said.

Clelia McCrory, who works for Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas in Hutchinson, helped Inman write the grant.

“This award happened due to the strong, cohesive teamwork that took place during the development of this project,” she said in an e-mail shared with The Ledger. “Start encouraging the entrepreneurialism in your community so that we can really utilize this tool for our community.”

Case previously said only one town would be chosen per county.

“It’s a big deal and great for Inman,” Penner said in an e-mail. “Clelia was key.”

Approximately four loans of $40,000 or less could be granted at a time with the money of this grant, Case said previously.

NetWork Kansas Associate Director Erik Pedersen said in an e-mail that the tax credit funds must be raised by Dec. 1, with approximately one-third of the credits to be collected before the E-Community program can be “open for business.”

Case and Ratzlaff headed the committee working on the project. Penner and others were also a part of the group.

Case said Ratzlaff played a huge role in getting the grant to Inman.

“He’s the one who did the leg work,” he said. “He’s the one who did it.”

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