Demand High For April 30 Ledger

Every Monday night, I produce The Ledger.

It gets printed Tuesday and the issue is then delivered to my Moundridge office on Wednesdays. At which time I distribute the paper to my four news racks between the two towns of Inman and Moundridge, and the subscribers’ papers are given to the U.S. Post Offices for delivery.

Today, as I was dropping papers off at the Ampride gas station in Inman, I experienced something quite different.

A woman was waiting for me to drop off the paper so she could buy it.

I was flabbergasted and overjoyed.

I’ve never had anyone be so anxious to read my product that they were actually waiting at the news stand to purchase it.

It was a great feeling. My only regret is that I didn’t catch the woman’s name, though I’ve seen her around town before.

I don’t know what she wanted to see in the paper, but I hope what she was looking for was in there. And if it wasn’t, I hope she lets me know so I can ensure it gets in next week.

As a journalist, I would have obviously found out the information I currently lack about this mystery woman, but I was in such awe of someone actually being that excited about The Ledger that I forgot to ask.

That’s my fault, but I’m OK with it simply because of how cool the experience was. It was even better than catching people reading the paper.

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