Birthday Celebrations Turn Into ATV Riding Extravaganza

On Saturday, a majority of my family converged on my parents’ home outside of Canton, Kan., to help celebrate brother Troy’s and mother Karen’s birthdays.

Mom’s birthday was on New Year’s Eve, and Troy’s birthday was Friday.

A good time was had by all, but it really became fun when we rolled out the recreational vehicles.

It was really cold, but I had a blast taking turns with my family riding cousin Dale’s three-wheeler and father Steve’s Honda Odyssey.

By the end, I was jumping the Odyssey off the ditch east of my parents’ house.

It rocked!

Of course, I also took my motorcycle out for a ride.

Unlike a couple weekends ago, I didn’t even lay it over (I ran into some loose sand and just kind of fell over, which probably would have been funny had anyone seen it happen).

I did, however, take cousin Nick and cousin Ashley on a ride with me, which was the first time I tried driving it with anyone else onboard.

It went rather well.

The wind was gusty and blew Ashley and I around a bit while we rode, but the motorcycle rides went off without incident.

The closest I came to wrecking was when I turned hard to the left while riding the Odyssey.

I went up on two wheels, but before the roll cage had to save me, the vehicle settled back down on all four tires.

It had been a long time since I last went riding like that. I think I had forgotten how much fun it was.

Being the type that hates the cold, I should have been miserable, but I wasn’t.

I felt alive, and I can’t wait until my next opportunity to go riding.

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