Edgy Blade Of ‘Saw V’ Seems Too Dull For Franchise

Disappointment is my name.

The latest chapter of the Twisted Pictures franchise, “Saw V” was woefully different from the previews installments.

I consider myself to be a fan of the series because I appreciated the graphic and gory nature in which each death was dished out in a delightfully sinister method.

However, “Saw V” did not stick to its core strength. There was too much plot in this one, and it got in the way of murder and mayhem.

Well, technically few of the characters are murdered because, as the main character Jigsaw, played by Torbin Bell, all the victims have a choice that sometimes results in their deaths.

In any event, “Saw V” focused too heavily on the pursuit of Jigsaw and the further unraveling of the case.

I didn’t buy a ticket to go see a movie that required thought. I bought a ticket to see people get slaughtered in a grandiose fashion, which is what anyone should expect when attending a movie in the “Saw” series.

Don’t misunderstand, though. There was gore.

A pendulum, saw blades, home-made explosives and the equivalent of a trash compactor, among other items, handily dispensed of some of the characters.

Even so, the emphasis wasn’t on the death. Instead, the focus was on one character’s attempt to get to the bottom of the Jigsaw murders.

Under normal circumstances, the movie would have been fine, but I wanted to see such classic “Saw” deaths as getting dropped into a pit full of dirty syringes or having a head ripped apart by a mechanism attached to the character’s jaw bone.

That is what I expect to see when I sit down in the theater with my barrel of soda and feedbag full of popcorn.

Every Halloween, Twisted Pictures had released another installment of the “Saw” story, and every year I greatly anticipate it.

However, if things keep going the way “Saw V” went, my anticipation is going to turn to dread and embarrassment for the actors and writers behind the movie.

Besides being woefully disappointed in the lack of gruesome and creative deaths, this movie tried too hard to appeal to the masses.

The “Saw” story is a series, so people attending the film should take it upon themselves to be up-to-date on the plot lines.

That would make sense, right?

It should, but the people behind “Saw V” seemed to go out of their way to incorporate enough flashbacks to catch anyone up to speed.

If I had never seen a single “Saw” film before, I would still know what is going on after seeing “Saw V.”

This could be viewed as a positive to some, but I wholeheartedly disagree.

Give the viewers some credit.

A few flashbacks could be helpful to refresh the memory a bit since it has been nearly a year since the previous movie was released, but there is no need for so many flashbacks that entire movie starts to feel like a giant rerun I just paid money to watch.

I saw this movie with a few friends, and they all agreed the film wasn’t up to par.

The idea behind “Saw” has so much potential, but it seems the writers are getting bored, lazy or both.

Of course, I have already heard rumors of a “Saw VI,” which doesn’t surprise me because such rumors often fly and the ending of “Saw V” was left pretty wide open.

I just hope if there is another installment, the writers go back to the basics and give the audience some vintage “Saw.”

I was hoping this would be a great Halloween movie to recommend, but it’s not.

This movie could have been release in June, at Christmas or on St. Patrick’s Day.

It wouldn’t have mattered because it just wasn’t a strong movie.

Again, the plot is good, but if you go see it, don’t be expecting a bloodbath like I was.

You will be sorely disappointed.

“Saw V” is rated R and has a runtime of 88 minutes.

If you are looking for a truly scary movie, though, I would recommend going to see “High School Musical 3.”

Seeing that many teenagers happy enough about their lives to sing and dance about it is horrifying, and it is obviously the work of evil forces.

What high school student is that happy?

None, and that is why just the trailers of the movie make my skin crawl.

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  1. i agree this saw movie was not up to par. i missed the flashing memories scanning by as the plot is revealed, the horrors of the afflicted. the agent could never be mistaken for jigaw a phone is terrible evidence and in this case would most likely clear him. what kind of FBI office has less than 10 agents, wake up ppl this isnt homeland security, its a saw movie; remember brilliant devices thoughtful character networks, a lil dismemberment etc. i thought the most enthralling aspect of this saw was, sadly enough, the score. i really like the saw movies, so plz dont fashion the next installment into a sadistic apparatus designed to relieve me of my addiction/vice for saw movies.

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