Gambling Trip Teaches Participants Lesson

This past weekend, cousin Dale, brother Troy and I traveled to Oklahoma to spend a little money in the grandest fashion we could think of.

We gambled at First Council Casino.

Starting off on the slot machines, Dale and I saw little luck, but Troy was raking it in.

At one point he was up $100, which didn’t settle well with Dale and I.

So instead of continuing to be shown up by the little guy, we decided to play Black Jack.

Troy tagged along, and we all quickly gave the rest of our money to the casino.

Of course, Troy gave the least amount because the majority of his contribution was money he had won from the casino in the first place, but I digress.

The important point of this story is what we learned while playing Black Jack.

Sure, we learned that you shouldn’t hit if the dealer is showing a four, five or six, and it is wise not to touch the cards on the table because it is against the rules.

However, the most valuable lesson was from our first dealer.

He taught us the importance of being gangsta’.

Our dealer said that word constantly.

He would sneak it into sentences when no one was expecting it, and he used it as every part of speech.

From verb to noun to adverb to adjective, he did it all.

He even found a way to use it as a pick up line, which was quite impressive.

This dealer was fun, and he made the losing of our money more enjoyable, especially when he jokes that he is probably going to get fired for drug use based upon his incessant use of gangsta’ talk.

His vernacular was so unique that it affected Dale, Troy and I more than we realized.

All day Sunday, we made sure to work gangsta’ talk into our conversations, and I am OK with it.

In fact, I think I am going to keep using it, and I think everyone else should to.

Just give it a try, gangsta’.

You know you will enjoy it.

Who doesn’t want to be more gangsta’ anyway?

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