Actor’s death gives Kansas another shot at infamy

Can we have a round of applause for Kansas, please?

After all, we owe great thanks to the Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church.

If it weren’t for church-founder Fred Phelps, friends, family and fans of the recently deceased Australian-actor, Heath Ledger, would be able to mourn his passing and celebrate his life and acclaimed career in peace.

That clearly shouldn’t happen.

There shouldn’t be anything positive said or done in honor of Ledger. Just because he died at the young age of 28, has a young daughter and led an amazing acting career doesn’t mean we should over look his apparent misgivings.

As Phelps and his clan of obvious prophets have pointed out, Ledger was a perverted sinner who is most likely being punished by burning in Hell as we speak.

After all, Ledger did portray a gay man in the award-winning “Brokeback Mountain.”

Movies are real, and everything shown on the silver is the absolute truth.

Phelps is right. Ledger was a miscreant and the world is better off without him going against God’s will and making it seem homosexuality is acceptable.

I clearly see this, and soon the rest of the world will too.

This week the Westboro Baptist Church announced it would be protesting Ledger’s memorial service here in the United States because, according to a released message from the church, “He (Ledger) got on that big screen with a big, fat message: God is a liar and it’s OK to be gay.”

Power to the Phelps tribe.

Actors doing their jobs always convey the wrong message by acting out the script which they are hired to read and memorize for the entertainment purposes of movie making.

Besides being thankful that Phelps and his followers are looking out for the spiritual wellbeing of our nation, I am also grateful Kansas will be able to get this kind of exposure since the church is based in our capital city.

Now the rest of the world will know Kansans are not just farmers.

Some Kansans are also religious zealot crazies.

What is wrong with the Phelps family?

Is the water in Topeka bad?

Heath Ledger was just an actor. He portrayed a gay man in a movie because that is his job.

There was almost certainly nothing religious or anti-religious behind Ledger’s decision to take the role. Instead, it was probably notoriety from such a unique role or large monetary gains.

The Westboro Baptist Church is just doing this to get publicity so they can spout their hateful and despicable message.

Honestly, the whole group probably would be booking flights to Australia for more protesting if they hadn’t lost the Baltimore-based lawsuit last November.

I have reported on a Westboro Baptist Church protest, and the people of that group are not human.

They spew hate incessantly, and it is quite sickening.

They use every opportunity they can to get media attention, and now they are latching onto the death of a well-known actor.


No family deserves to have such a private moment as death exploited like the Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for.

I despise that Phelps and his misguided congregation of family members abuse the beloved and revered First Amendment by spouting such hateful and vile messages at such inappropriate times as at funerals.

It’s not right. Period.

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  1. Check out this article… it is more information about how this guy “gets around” — his life’s mission seems to be verbally abusing people and trying to provoke them into lawsuits. This is about how he has almost completely taken over the town where he lives, and the reluctance of some government officials to stop him. Please forward it on. Someone has to stop this guy and his “followers”.

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