Gourmet salads are just what Doc Green’s ordered

Editor’s Note: This was my first attempt at an eatery review. I’m not so sure how it went, but everyone can read it here anyway.

Today’s society has everyone searching for healthier eating options, and in Wichita, one restaurant has just the solution.

Doc Green’s Gourmet Salads and Grill, located at 10096 E. 13th Street in the Waterfront, tosses delectable greens in any style a person could desire.

The menu holds a wide array of salad combinations. Doc Green’s has everything from a traditional salad to salads wrapped up in tortillas. The establishment even offers up panini sandwiches and soups rivaling the likes of Panera Bread.

During the lunchtime rush, an empty seat was hard to find. People from all walks of life could be found dining in the hip atmosphere that is Doc Green’s, which includes music playing just loud enough to be heard but not interruptive. A person wearing a suit was seen sitting next to a person wearing gym clothes.

The vast variety of patrons can only be due to the economical prices offered by Doc Green’s. Nothing on the food menu costs more than $9. With drinks included, it is easy for a person to keep their total bill under $10.

However, the price could reach higher if a person chooses to purchase a bottle of wine, but both beer and wine are served for individual consumption as well, keeping the price affordable.

All the salad tasted fresh and crisp, and it wasn’t an ordinary salad from a restaurant because these plates of roughage actually had the dressing and toppings mixed in instead of simply being lumped on top of a pile of leafy greens.

Nearly every salad was a certified Doc Green’s dish because the vast majority contained “Dr.” in the name. For example, there was one called the Dr. Buffalo Chicken. And these salads weren’t small. They filled the entire plate and left the eater stuffed.

The soup selection changes daily, and each flavor can be ordered in a cup, bowl or bread bowl depending upon each patron’s individual taste.

Besides the beer, wine, tea and water, Doc Green’s also serves Coca-Cola products and cappuccinos and lattes to quench any thirst.

With so many entrees available, a person would be hard-pressed to not find something that tickled his or her taste buds; however, for those more selective eaters, Doc Green’s does have a “Build Your Own Salad” option so everyone can leave satisfied.

For large crowds and events, Doc Green’s also has it covered. It offers an extensive catering menu, complete with soups, desserts and beverages.

Personally, I found the dinning experience excellent. With Doc Green’s being relatively new, I had never sampled it prior to this encounter, but I am glad I did.

It was a nice change of pace from the greasy fast-food world in which many busy individuals dine during the lunchtime hurry.

There may be other establishments that come in a bit cheaper, but a person can’t walk away from such places still feeling good about themselves as easily as I did from Doc Green’s.

Even if all the toppings and everything else I consumed weren’t incredibly healthy, it was a salad. The mind is a powerful tool, and as long as it tells me I ate a healthy meal, the rest of my body agrees.

I urge everyone to heed a bit of medical advice and get their lunch prescriptions filled at Doc Green’s.

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