Another death, no flush

Well, the fish tank in my office has been neglected, and another one of my aquatic friends has left this world.

Stephen G. Snail died yesterday. I found him floating at the top of the tank.

He lived a good life, and I tried to get some of my co-workers to help honor him by eating him. However, no one took me up on the offer.

As it stands now, the only fish I have left is R. Rubi Plecostomus. Considering how the others have fared, one would think R. Rubi is one swim away from death, but he just isn’t letting go.

I need to clean the tank and get new, cleaner fish. Or maybe I’ll sell my soul to the aquarium gods and just get a stupid turtle. They seem like a hearty bunch.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your pet. However, I don’t think the turtle would bring much all too much enjoyment. =0P

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