Pink loveseat provides much needed comfort

The birthday celebration of our country was a bit soggy this year. I went to the Galva merriment and ended up going home early since the fireworks were cancelled due to inclement weather.

That’s okay, though, because something much more important in my life took place last Saturday.

I went to an auction at the McPherson County Fair Grounds and purchased a loveseat for my apartment.

The Loveseat

It is pink and quite possibly the most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever owned.

My attendance at this auction was not normal. Usually I leave such events to my brother and father seeing as they enjoy it more than I.

However, the sheet proclaiming the wears being sold happened to be floating around the house, so I picked it up and perused what was on tap to be auctioned off. I noticed there were loveseats, and I decided I would go and see if I could get a good deal on one.

See, I wouldn’t have needed a new piece of furniture, but the futon I was using had fallen apart. In fact, there was one place on it that if sat upon would drop the person sitting through the metal frame to the floor below. This came in quite handy as a fun prank when friends came over, but it just wasn’t practical for everyday use.

Well, I had never actually bid on anything at an auction, so I had my brother do it for me.

At first, we bid on a couch and loveseat set. It went for over $150, but we almost bought it for that much because my brother must have thought I said keep going when I said stop.

We then focused our attention on the pink beauty currently residing in my living room.

Someone was bidding against us, but we got it for $35.

I was, and still am, stoked.

People thought it was funny that I, the obvious man of men, purchased a pink loveseat, but I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, I like pink.

Besides, why do certain colors carry certain connotations?

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a graphic designer, and he was saying how he hates the fact certain colors get assigned means.

For example, he said he hated how red and green together means Christmas because the two colors are great complimentary colors he would like to be able to use in other settings.

I agree.

Pink doesn’t have to mean girl or anything else, just like blue doesn’t have to mean boy.

Of course, in the case of this loveseat, pink does mean comfortable.

Granted, when I stretch out on it, my feet dangle over the edge, but it still works for me. Also, the back of the furniture piece is high enough for a person sitting on it to rest his or her head on without being uncomfortable.

That’s a major plus.

The only negative to the loveseat are the undertones the color carries. People have been giving me a hard time ever since I made my brother bid on it.

Every time someone says anything to me about it though, I just tell them they are jealous because their loveseat isn’t a chick magnet like mine.

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  1. Hi Todd! Good post. I agree it would be wonderful if we’d quit putting various connotations on a variety of things that make it difficult to be in speech or action. As for the pink couch, I say great! Just wish you’d posted a picture of it; I would have enjoyed seeing it. BTW, I gave my husband a pink shirt eons ago and he wore it for a time, looked great on him, and finally he let his American-grown male colleagues tease him into rejecting it. I say “REAL MEN WEAR PINK OR ANY OTHER COLOR THEY DAMN WELL PLEASE.” After today I extend that statement to include PINK couches. Especially if the price is right!

  2. The picture makes this post sing! I absolutely love the pink loveseat! It looks a great deal like the first couch I bought for my first apartment in Pittsburgh when I was a young, poorly paid editorial assistant. I didn’t have the good sense to go to an estate sale for furniture though. I paid through the nose at $199 for mine, but used it for the next 10 years or more, so I guess it was worth it.

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