Late Work Policies

The information presented here applies generally to all classes as I try to be consistent in all of my courses. However, by the very nature of some of the curricula, some differences do exist. Those caveats to the below information will be specified on the syllabus for that class. Always rely upon the syllabus first for information as it supersedes this information.

Late Work

We are studying journalism and media. Journalism and media are deadline-driven professions. Missing a deadline is not acceptable in the professional world. Therefore, late work is not accepted in the classroom. The following points serve as clarification about the ways in which this policy is applied.

• If an assignment is missing, it immediately becomes a zero.

• There are no excuses for not completing work, even in the instance of computer hardware malfunction. You have access to our institutional computer labs on the college/university campus. Should you find you are unable to access a computer lab because they are rarely closed.

• Know the tools that exist and are available to you.

• Simply put, there is no excuse for late work or missing assignments.

• Instructor has the right to amend this policy as needed or grant an extension solely at his/her discretion when circumstances of a dire nature dictate such an allowance.

• Do not count on an allowance being made.

Missed Assignments

Missed assignments cannot be made up without my approval. I will not accept assignments sent to class with peers. If you miss class, it is your responsibility to obtain any assignments, handouts and notes that you miss. I will not contact you regarding your absence. I also will not save copies of course materials distributed during individual class sessions.