Front Page Friday: Townsville Bulletin

It is that time of the week again. It is time to look at my favorite newspaper front page of the week.

As always, I culled through the front pages shown at and picked my favorite.

So here it is:

Townsville Bulletin

This is the front page from the May 13, 2010 Townsville Bulletin in Townsville, Australia (via

This is the front page of Thursday’s Townsville Bulletin in Townsville, Australia. I truly don’t think I need much explanation about why I chose it.

However, if you can’t quite grasp my rationale, it’s because there is a half naked woman taking up the upper half of the page.

I’ve said it before: sex sells. And I bought once again.

Kasey-Lee Brunker, the reigning Miss V8 (whatever that is exactly), is smoking hot! Splashing her bikini-clad bod across the paper was genius! I wish I had an actual copy of this paper. It would go on my wall of fame in my house.

Of course, that wonderful picture is made even more jarring due to the headline of the story below: Highway Horror

It is an odd way of doing it, but the Bulletin got the two types of news items that sell papers on the front — sex and death.

They should be commended for this, even though underline the deck headline seems a little much.

It is, after all, not an American paper, so things are bound to be different. Case in point, that bikini picture. The only way you’d see that in an American paper is on the supermarket tabloids.

Sometimes I wish we in America weren’t so prudish and embraced the female form more readily in print. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see hot, bikini-clad women in the paper more often just like in the international papers?

I think so.

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