Front Page Friday: Seattle Times

It is that time of the week again. It is time to look at my favorite newspaper front page of the week.

As always, I culled through the front pages shown at and picked my favorite.

So here it is:

The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times is the only newspaper show in town since the Post-Intelligencer shut down the presses and switched to an online-only format, and it is relatively close to Vancouver. These two things combine for the opportunity to do some cool stuff for the Olympics.

This is the Olympic poster the Seattle Times printed for Feb. 18, 2010. Click on it for a larger view. (via

Every day they have been producing special section poster fronts featuring different aspects of the 2010 Winter Games. These posters are big. They are an entire page of broadsheet newsprint, which means the poster takes up two pages of news space.

They are cool, but what makes the poster from Thursday so special is the subjects of the picture.

They are Team U.S.A Skiers Lindsey Vonn, on the right, and Julia Mancuso on the left.

Besides the fact it is a great photo, these girls are hot! I wish I lived in Seattle so I could have purchased a copy of this edition. I would have the poster, and several extras I’m sure, hanging in my room already.

Allison Baver

I’ve talked about how hot Allison Baver is, but I underestimated the hotness of Vonn.

Vonn and fellow Olympians Hannah Teter (snowboarding), Clair Bidez (snowboarding) and Lacy Schnoor (skiing) all posted for the Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit Edition.

The photos are amazingly hot, and if you haven’t seen them yet, get to it!

Need some help navigating the hotness? I got you covered there too. Here are links to my favorite picture of each beautiful Olympian:

I love the Olympics!

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