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Cousin enters the blogosphere

My cousin, Chris Shafer, has taken a bold step forward. He has started a blog.

Since he is a corrections officer, it is called Corrections Tape, and he said he plans on writing about anything he feels passionately about.

The name is kind of a play on words: partially based upon his career as a corrections officer, and partially based upon correction tape, the whiteout substance one would find in a typewriter (remember those things?). Basically, these two ideas came together because he wanted to voice his opinion and try to affect change. Get it? Correcting things . . . a corrections officer trying to whiteout the wrong.

Of course, as a corrections officer, he accomplishes some form of correcting the wrong every day when he books criminals and law-breakers into jail. Now he’s just tackling the blog0sphere.

I assure you his posts will be very opinionated, and that’s the beauty of the Internet. Everyone has the opportunity to make their voices heard, which is the underlying reason he started his blog. He wants to be heard.

I wish him luck.

He has his first post up. It addresses the wearing of patriotic clothing on Cinco de Mayo. Check it out if you like.

I will mention that I did help him set up this blog, and we are going to continue to make a few tweaks on it to make it truly representative of him. Stick with us. It will look even better soon.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Second one is posted as well

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