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New product allows guns to be nearby, even while naked

I’m from Kansas, and the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is obviously important in these parts because Kansans are hunters . . . and rednecks.

I love Kansas, but a new product has recently been debuted that scares the hell out of me.

It is called “The Back Up,” which is a shotgun rack that attaches to your bed.

A bed-mounted gun rack? Yes. I’m serious. Here is the Web site:

The gun is then held right on the edge of the mattress, and according to the commercial, the design of the gun rack allows the weapon to be held close enough to the bed that blankets and sheets can easily conceal it while keeping it accessible should someone break in and try to steal your prized opossum pelt hanging above your headboards.

This is ridiculous.

It is patently dangerous and disturbing, especially if you consider how many people who are going to purchase this probably sleep in the nude or enjoy being frisky in their bedrooms during the winter since the beds of their trucks are too cold.

One slip of the trigger and it could be a messy situation in the bedroom.

Want to see the commercial for yourself, in all of its ridiculousness? Watch the video below, and thank for sharing this with us.

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  1. haha….most costumers are buying two. one for each side of the bed. priceless

  2. wow… customers*** not costumers… although walking into a bedroom wearing a costume when someone has one of these could get messy

  3. Good Grief!

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